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Tree Surgery Services

At Hayton Tree Services we offer all aspects of tree surgery, which is carried out in accordance with Arboricultural Standard BS 3998: 2010

Some details of the tree work we carry out are explained below:

Eucalyptus Dismantle

Felling - a tree may be felled because it is unhealthy, unsafe or perhaps inappropriate for its location.

Dismantling - this is the removal of the tree in sections where it is not feasible to fell.

Crown Reduction - we can reduce the overall dimensions of the trees' crown based upon the customers requirements and assessment of the tree in context to its' surroundings.

Crown Thinning - removal or reduction of certain branches within the crown of the tree toreduce its density to allow more light through, improve aesthetics or to enhance a view.

Crown Lifting - removal of lower branches, effectively raising the crown. Usually done to allow better access or improve view.

Pollarding - the removal of all branches from the tree, then being allowed to regrow.Common practice on certain species of tree.

Pruning - the cutting off or cutting back to; direct growth, remove an obstructing part, mitigate a nuisance, make safe, remove a diseased part, increase longevity, simulate natural damage, improve habitat for wildlife etc.

Tree Protection

If you are concerned about trees in Conservation Areas or Tree Preservation Orders please feel free to contact us as we can help you with this process and deal with your applications if required.

Specialist Equipment

We have a range of specialist machinery, including a woodchipper, tractor, winch and timber crane so we can tackle the tricky jobs and leave your property clear of debris.

Contact us

So if you are looking for a tree surgeon in Shropshire or the surrounding counties please call Alex on 07989 763366 for a free quote.

Call Alex at Hayton Tree Services on 07989 763366

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